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No need to add or subtract from Him
He is GREATER than everything that exists
All else adds up to LESS than He
He is the SUM of all things:
- the infinite
- the absolute
- the constant
Jesus is HOLY to the highest degree
If we take Jesus out of the equation, nothing adds up
Regardless of the good we multiply, how much we divide and share
A part of us remains unsolved, a fraction of who we should be
But Jesus is the answer, our common denominator
Jesus – the product of God’s love
A perfect combination of 100% God, 100% man
Intersecting the arc of human history
To be the difference, the solution we needed, the root of our salvation
No need to add, subtract, multiply or divide
Nothing greater than, everything less than
Jesus is and always will be the solution to every equation
When you do the math, the answer is clear

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